the secrets of the 100 golden keys

Unlock the Power of Your Creativity and Set Your Life on Fire!

If you're ready to light a bonfire of joy and inspiration in your life, all you have to do is take that first step in the right direction and it's on. It starts when you make the decision to transcend the status quo and just do you.

Mia's inspirational book will serve as your companion and guide on the journey to discovering how to live and love as a fearless creative being.

🦋 When Only an Original Will Do 🦋

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An Overview by Patricia Brooks-Goldman, President Scottsdale Society of Women Writers, ​​Founder Goldman Publishing LLC.

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MIA'S BOOK is a masterpiece of insight into the powerful relationship between creativity and happiness, and how you can access the power of your creativity to rapidly and easily transform yourself into the person you're ready to become - the authentic, creative you.

This book is both brutally honest and humorously entertaining  as Mia reveals the mistakes, realizations and experiences that led her to discover and document the 100 Golden Keys - a life-changing collection of  universal truths presented from the perspective of a uniquely inspiring master artist and wise woman of our time.

The book starts out with a brief overview of the 100 Golden Keys philosophy, followed by the active portion of the book - the 100 Golden Keys - which are organized into very short chapters of 2-3 pages each for ease of reading.

You can read one Golden Key at a time in just minutes, or read a whole section of the book at once. At the end of every 10 chapters, you have the option to complete one of the ten Transformational Workshops Mia has designed to challenge, inspire and entertain you. 

Through Mia's enjoyable story-telling revelations, the book inspires you to create a new way of thinking about your life, which is powered by your Thought Life. As you put the 100 Golden Keys into practice, your Thought Life changes - and you begin living the artist's life on a daily basis, as an active creator of your destiny, exploring all of the opportunities that your unique gifts, skills and talents provide.  Past limitations and road blocks fall away, because you have the tools of understanding necessary to create a balanced, fulfilling and happy life. 

Mia's book put you in charge of moving forward to new beginnings in a do-it-yourself manner - in the timeframe that works for you. It's really a kind of Thought-Life Makeover Kit that you can assemble as fast, or as slow, as you wish - on your own terms.  It establishes you as the CEO of the most important project in the world - you - as you oversee the design and production of the most creative masterpiece of your existence - your own life.


~ Discover the true nature of the relationship between creativity and happiness, and how it affects your daily life in powerful ways.

~ Read the "Pratt Theories" - short, easy-to-understand overviews of how creativity, inspiration, goals and accomplishments, and other creative functions work together - so you can apply this knowledge in your life today. 

​~ Gain easy-to-understand tools you'll use for the rest of your life to deal with conflict resolution, letting go of the past, creating loving relationships, and much more.
~ Use the 10 quick "transformational exercises" throughout the book to help you identify and eliminate false, negative, and outdated beliefs that are holding you back and limiting your potential.

-Create lasting, positive changes in how you process challenges in daily life, with 10 in-depth "transformational workshops" adopted from Mia's private in-person client sessions.